About us

We The NineHz, are trying to bring the learner and provider as close as possible, since we have faced many obstacles in our journey up until here.

Hello viewer, welcome to The NineHz, here is our story of getting started with this platform. As a student we all have gone through many obstacles while persuing engineering or relevant technical graduation. And we are here to make those problems a little easier.

College-going students often face this issue of making the projects, whether or not, deny it or not, but it never is easy to take a team and just make the project and done, No. We have all been through this, where while making these projects, we starve for the ideas first, then to gather the right and good quality components and then finally putting these things all together. So to make this process a little easier, we The NineHz are here to help those who are curious to make projects on thier own, who want DIY projects, Ready-to-implement projects, also, to those who want a whole project to be made. Yes, we are happy to help with all of these things.

Also, with all of that, we keep the promise to provide you, our customer, the best support that we can offer, be it with project/component delivery or be it with technical basic learnings of a component/project. As we also provide a blogging section where one can gain the basic knowledge of the product on our website. We give you assuarance of the unique products on our website with the amazing hardwere quality. As we ourselves have strived really hard for good quality components, as a good component can only make a good project.