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433MHz SX1278 LoRa Module Ra- 02 Wireless Spread Spectrum Transmission

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SKU: NIW0004
The SX1278 LoRa Module Ra-02 is a wireless transceiver module operating at 433MHz, utilizing spread spectrum transmission for long-range communication.

868MHZ LORA Wireless RF Serial Link + 20DB

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SKU: NIW0006
The LoRa Wireless RF Serial Link operates at 868MHz with a +20dB power boost, providing an impressive 2km communication range.

LoRa-E5 mini (STM32WLE5JC)

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SKU: NIW0005
The LoRa E5 mini, featuring the STM32WLE5JC chipset, is a compact and efficient module designed for LoRa (Long Range) communication.

Panton tunior chair

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