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BMP180 Digital Barometric Sensor Module

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SKU: NSM0028
The BMP180 Digital Barometric Sensor Module is a compact and precise sensor designed for measuring atmospheric pressure and temperature. It measures atmospheric pressure, a crucial indicator of weather conditions, altitude, and even air quality.

BMP280 Digital Barometric, Pressure and Altitude Sensor Module

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SKU: NSM0029
The BMP280 Digital Barometric, Pressure, and Altitude Sensor Module is a sensor designed for precise atmospheric pressure and temperature measurements. With digital output and I2C communication, it offers easy integration into a different electronic project.

MPU6050 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensor

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SKU: NSM0022
The MPU6050 sensor is a motion-tracking device that detects movements and rotations in real-time. It combines an accelerometer and a gyroscope.