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2.4inch SPI 240×320 TFT Display

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SKU: ND0013
The 2.4-inch SPI TFT Display is a compact, high-resolution screen perfect for DIY electronics. Using SPI technology, it easily interfaces to Arduino and Raspberry Pi development boards.

2.8inch TFT LCD Non-Touch Display Module

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SKU: ND0014
With a 2.8-inch size, it delivers vivid colors and sharp images. The added SD card support allows easy content storage and playback. Ideal for projects where touch interaction is not needed, such as portable media players or information kiosks.

Panton tunior chair

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TFT Display 1.28-inch RGB 240×240

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SKU: ND0012
The round modules were originally designed for smartwatches and similar applications and provide an interesting change-up from the typical rectangular LCD or OLED modules and work great for making small round gauges of various types or running the Uncanny Eyes application since the round LCDs already look a bit like eyes.